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Illustrator and Author, Children's Books
  • "F.Aarty. A Legend is a hilarious, family-friendly comic book that needs to be made into a series with every invention wackier than the last!"

  • "I highly recommend sharing P.E.T.R.A to your family or class. Its plotline is packed with humor, and the illustrations will have you smiling."

  • "Dudley Dilbar's Dairy Farm by Trevor Allan had a fun plot that children three years and up will love, and I don't blame them. Who wouldn't find cows eating strawberry-flavored lollipops and creating same-flavored milk enjoyable? Or mint? Or a blend of many flavors?"

Cartoonist, Illustrator, Author and Artist

Enter the whimsical world of Trevor Allan, a creative mastermind based in Brisbane, Australia who wields his pen like a magic wand, conjuring laughter and fun in his hilarious illustrated children’s books.

Trevor’s stories and illustrations are a delightful blend of wit and charm, often poking gentle fun at the mundane while sparking uproarious moments of recognition. Prepare to chuckle and grin as you explore the playful universe of Trevtoons, where illustrations and stories can turn even the most ordinary scenario into a sidesplitting adventure for all ages.

Trevor Allan, Cartoonist and Author.

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F.Aarty. A legend.

A 46 Page graphic novel for children. The world has only 30 years of air left and scientists clamber to find a solution. One eminent scientist has a theory, but it would mean the elimination of most of the animals on earth. The only person who may be able to save the world and all the animals has been exiled with his family to a distant farm, as his idea is completely unbelievable. Can Professor Aarty convince everyone that his invention using the farts of animals to make fresh air is the only way to ensure they have a future.

Dudley Dilbar’s Dairy Farm.

A 32 page illustrated book for children with fun filled cartoon illustrations. Dudley Dilbar dreamed that one day he would have “Dudley’s Pasteurized Milk” written on the labels of his milk bottles, but his farm was far too small for the milk tankers to call upon. How would a very lazy man, a lolly truck and Dudley’s cows make his dream come true?

Doctor Wattlebee Next and the case of Bernie Wimple’s Pimple.

A 24 page children’s book with detailed funny cartoon illustrations. Bernie Wimple has a pimple in a rather awkward place and decides to visit Doctor Wattlebee Next, looking for a cure. The Doctor has a novel way to fix Bernie’s problem.

Clickerty Clack on the Railway Track.

A 24 Page illustrated book for children. A little boy goes to town with his mother on the train and he describes all the people he sees on the way. Fun illustrations show the people on the train.

P.E.T.R.A The Little Earth Rover From Mars

P.E.T.R.A – Pink Extra Terrestrial Roving Accumulator. A 24 page illustrated children’s book. Scientists on earth send a rover to Mars to collect some specimens. Meanwhile a little Mars rover travels to Earth to collect items that might prove Martians once lived there. The story with fun illustrations, also explains why we sometimes lose things and don’t know where they have gone.

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